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How Dynamics Connections Keeps Dynamics Partners in the Know

Updated: May 25, 2019

Dynamics Connections serves the Microsoft partner community by educating them of complementary products that work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Quarterly meeting cadences are scheduled as one-on-one meetings so they can understand what is available for better client service.

According to Kim Peterson, Founder of Dynamics Connections, “As a partner you need to know first-hand what is possible and happening in the market. You also have times when you need to find a solution to meet the needs of your clients and you don’t know where to turn.” Dynamics Connections has created a Partner-only portal (using Sky Blue Technology) to offer resources to her clients 24 hours a day. It is a “go-to” resource they have come to depend on.

Here you’ll find:

· Company descriptions you can leverage in your marketing

· Company profiles - a one pager on products, services, margin, etc.

· Brochures

· Case studies

· Recorded demos

· Price lists

· Partner program information

· Email templates you can use to inform your clients of their offerings.

· Presentation decks and recordings on what we do each quarter.

· And more!

“I honestly do not know how I’d be able to accomplish what I do without Sky Blue Technology. I know I’d be answering a lot more emails and it would be a nightmare keeping updated information in front of partners when they need it. The portal is amazing - with Sky Blue, I can do what I enjoy – help partners by having valuable conversations; not emailing all day!” - Kim Peterson

Kim provides this complimentary service for her clients using Sky Blue. You can find out more about Sky Blue Technology by visiting Sign up for a free 14-day trial and start building your own custom portals today!

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