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Chamber of Commerce Success Story: Dave Moravec's Experience with Sky Blue

We are thrilled to feature Dave Moravec, President & CEO of Colerain Chamber of Commerce, as our outstanding customer. As a Chamber of Commerce, Dave and his team were faced with the challenge of engaging with prospective members and managing operations efficiently. They had previously relied on traditional methods such as printing and distributing physical materials, but were not seeing the desired results.

That’s when they turned to Sky Blue for Chambers of Commerce, a platform that enables chambers to easily create portals, share and monitor engagement, and grow their membership. With Sky Blue, Dave and his team were able to create online experiences made up of videos, surveys, and much more. They were able to share these experiences with prospective members through email invitations and view detailed usage analytics to better understand what prospects were interested in.

Most importantly, Sky Blue enabled Dave and his team to determine when and how to follow up with prospects based on their engagement. This allowed them to grow their membership and engage with their community in a meaningful way.

Sky Blue didn't stop providing value once a member joined the chamber. The platform allowed Dave and his team to continue engaging with members, providing resources, promoting events, and sharing personalized content. By doing so, they were able to build deeper relationships with their members and provide them with the tools they needed to succeed.

According to Dave, “We use to spend so much time and money printing materials to hand out to prospective members. Unfortunately, many times those materials were tossed aside. Now we engage using Sky Blue where members have access to personalized information at their fingertips in real time, anytime they like.”

In addition to improving their operations and engagement with members, Dave and his team were also able to create consistent branding and messaging across their chamber network. This improved the overall customer experience for their members and helped to establish their brand as a reliable and trustworthy partner in their community.

Dave and his team were awarded the 2021 Outstanding Ohio Chamber of the Year Award. This award recognizes Chambers that demonstrate excellence in the areas of membership growth, retention, and engagement, as well as innovation in programming and events.

We are proud to partner with Dave and his team, and we are committed to continuing to provide our customers with the tools they need to succeed in their industries. If you’re interested in learning more about how Sky Blue for Chambers of Commerce can help your Chamber of Commerce grow and provide ongoing value to your members, please visit today.

Dave Moravec, President & CEO

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