Top Phrases You Never Have to Say Again on a Sales Call

In sales, when we’re talking to potential customers, there are phrases that we find ourselves saying out of habit. These “go-to” phrases seem to just slip out of our mouths without even thinking about it. I’m just as guilty as the next person when it comes to some of the biggies like, “Do you have a minute?”  I got to thinking there are a few that could be eliminated altogether from sales conversations with the help of Sky Blue.

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Tops Phrases You Never Have to Say Again on a Sales Call

“Did you get the white paper I sent?” – Sky Blue has built in tracking capabilities that let you know when a prospect has viewed marketing collateral you sent them. Now you KNOW if they received it, if they looked at it, and have a better idea of when to schedule your follow up call. So rather than asking “did you get it?” Sky Blue allows you to jump a step ahead and instead have a deeper conversation about topics discussed in the white paper and whether it hit the mark with your prospect.

“What you need is…” – Unless you are their mother or a trusted friend, this phrase should probably be avoided all together. Instead, ask questions and do lots of listening to understand their needs before you start pitching your product or service. Take a consultative approach, present your prospect with options for solving their business problem, and let them decide what’s best. After the call, creating and sending your prospect a Sky Blue experience tailored with a live software solution (optional) and marketing collateral that speaks specifically to the solution is easy to do. Plus, because it is timely AND relevant, it can increase engagement levels significantly to push the sale forward.

“What keeps you awake at night?” – This phrase suggests to the buyer you don’t have a clear idea of the problem you can help them solve. Doing a bit of research ahead of time by looking at their website, social media and other tools can help you be more informed heading into the call so you can frame your conversation to be more effective. Sending a Sky Blue experience with a few pre-qualification questions and tracking what content the prospect clicks on is another way to gain the intelligence you need to enter sales calls with more confidence.

Sky Blue can be useful in many other ways than just helping you be a better communicator on sales calls. Learn all of them and get started by signing up for a free trial today!

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