2017 New Year’s Resolution – Create Your Own Community of “Sales, Demo and Onboarding Gurus”

Sharing sales demos and live software environments has always been a challenge both internally and across a partner channel.  You know the drill.  As a sales person you hand the demo off to the “demo guru” on your team.  A meeting is scheduled and the demo is shown to the prospect/existing customer.  The scenario gets even more complicated when you sell software with add-ons from multiple software partners and you need to coordinate those demos as well.

We spent the past couple of years working with marketing, sales and consulting resources to come up with a solution to this problem.  First, we created the ability for these folks to create online sales, demo and onboarding experiences on their own without the help of IT.  (No coding or complex setup is required.)  We made sure these folks could leverage videos, marketing documents, live software, surveys, FAQs and so much more to essentially clone themselves.  We made experiences easy to share and the engagement analytics in the Sky Blue Dashboard help determine when to follow-up.

Next, we made experiences easy to share within a company.  So, the marketing team can create sales experiences made up of the latest and greatest marketing collateral.  They can share experiences with the sales team or account managers within the company.  These folks can send out experiences using their own account and monitor engagement analytics.  No more pulling down documents from the SharePoint site (which most often were saved to local hard drives anyway) and sending to prospects and existing customers.  Now you always have the latest and greatest.  Whenever marketing has updates to the sales experience they update the master version and all shared experiences are updated in real-time.  Plus, marketing has the ability to view the all up analytics across the company.  So, now they know how prospects and existing customers are engaging in the content vs. throwing the material over the wall and hoping for the best.

Why stop there?  So, next we decided to take on the issue with sharing sales demos and live software environments across a community.  A community of partners who work together but up until this point have struggled to collaborate in regards to demos, software and onboarding.  Essentially, with the click of a button you generate a token you can share with your partner community.  They enter it in their Sky Blue account.  Now they show up in your community and you can share experiences in either read-only or read-update mode.  Your experience now shows up in their Sky Blue account to share with prospects and existing customers.  Whenever you have an update.  You update the content and shared experiences are automatically updated in real-time.  So now you have the ability to create a library of shared experiences with your community for sales, demos and onboarding.  Now you have a community of gurus to help your organization scale vs. relying on a few folks internally.    So, what are you waiting for?  Go to www.onskyblue.com  Sign up for a free 14-day trial and get started today.  Subscriptions start at $249/user/month.  If you have any questions send an email to [email protected]  Happy New Year from the Sky Blue Technology Team!  We look forward to the year ahead.

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