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The Biggest Pain Points for Sales Reps

  1. Quickly finding the right information for prospects’ requests – Sales reps know the drill. We receive a request from a prospect for a certain piece of information, whether that’s a case study, a white paper, some ROI statistic or to speak to a current customer who can provide relevant insight. We all say, “Of course!” and then start the search. The reality is, sales reps simply can’t afford to waste time on nonessential sales activities (like hunting for the latest and greatest version of a case study). Sky Blue centralizes all marketing collateral and makes it easy for sales to grab what they need and get it to a prospect immediately which alleviates that burden.
  2. Tracking prospect engagement – Part of the sales process is qualifying prospects that have the most potential to close. But how exactly do you determine who is truly interested in your solution and who’s just kicking the tires? Are your prospects comparing you to your competitors, are they price shopping, or are they truly interested? Sky Blue simply gives sales teams a better understanding of prospects’ “engagement” with sales and marketing materials — giving sales reps the insight they need to determine who’s really a qualified buyer and who’s not.
  3. Knowing when to contact leads for follow-up – Questions sales reps always seem to be pondering are: “Am I calling too much?” “Why haven’t they responded yet?” “Do I email again?” “Should I call again?” That’s why insights from Sky Blue can be so useful. By recognizing when your prospects are engaged and with what materials, sales reps better understand the “when and how” about their prospects for more effective follow up.
  4. Too much busywork—Anything that prevents sales reps from interacting with prospective clients is not sales efficient. As much as 40% of a typical sales rep’s time can be spent creating presentations, customizing messaging, and getting ready to engage with the customer. In other words, sales wastes too much time performing administrative activities instead of doing what they do best – engaging with the customer and closing sales!
  5. Marketing not “listening” to sales— Having sales and marketing alignment is crucial to the success of the sales cycle. Sales reps being able to share information on what marketing collateral works and what doesn’t work with prospects, and having marketing use that feedback to ensure sales has the most relevant collateral at their fingertips is important for driving closed deals. Sales reps are eager to use marketing materials, but the marketing team needs to make it effective! Sky Blue enables marketing to build experiences to control the marketing message, and enable sales to quickly and efficiently deploy the RIGHT marketing materials at the RIGHT time with “grab-and-go” experiences.
  6. Mobility – Sales reps are changing how they sell. Throughout the sales cycles they do not always have the benefit of being in a conference room, opening up PowerPoint and doing presentations. Often times, they are at a coffee shop or other makeshift meeting area and need to leverage live software, proof points, case studies, white papers, videos, etc. Organizations increasingly are relying on Sky Blue experiences to streamline the sales process, increase sales force productivity and maximize their ROI on marketing assets.

We would love to continue the discussion about specific challenges your sales organization faces and how Sky Blue can be used to help solve them. Contact us at [email protected] or sign up here today and receive a free trial.


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