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4 Sales Pain Points Solved with Sky Blue

Let’s be honest: your prospects aren’t the only ones with pain points that need solving. Regardless of your industry or job title, I’m willing to bet that there’s some part of your day-to-day tasks that you wish was faster, easier, automated, or more efficient. Marketing and sales are certainly no exception, which is why we developed Sky Blue to address many of the common pain points that marketing and sales teams are experiencing.

Portrait Of A Happy Smiling Mature Man Using Laptop At Desk

Portrait Of A Happy Smiling Mature Man Using Laptop At Desk

But today, we just want to focus on the sales rep.  Take a look at the list below to see some of the common asks of sales reps — and how Sky Blue can provide a seamless solution.

“I want to see what my prospects are doing in real time.”

And why would you want this kind of real-time insight, you ask? It’s not to be creepy — it’s so that you can provide more personalized and relevant sales communications at exactly the right moment. With proactive alerts that tell you when prospects fill out and submit an action item within a Sky Blue experience – contact us, request a demo, and more, you can follow up immediately.  (Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.)

“I want to be able to identify my best leads.”

A common pain point for companies is the lead hand off process. How do you create an objective process to qualify leads that satisfies both marketing and sales? The answer is building out Sky Blue experiences together to nurture leads and then leverage usage data which shows whether a lead is interested in your company and a good fit for your product or service. This ensures that leads are of sufficient quality before they get passed on to sales.

“I want to target my sales pitch to meet each prospect’s needs.”

It’s not enough to know your prospect’s industry and job title. You need to know their pain points and motivations to really cater your conversations in a way that will keep them engaged and interested. Sky Blue allows you to go beyond basic demographic information, giving you insight into detailed behavioral data (the sections your prospects are visiting, the types of content they’re viewing, for how long and more). Leverage the contact record in the Sky Blue Dashboard to see a log of all of your touchpoints with your prospects — and gain unparalleled insight into your prospects’ motivations, interests, and pain points.

“I’d like to build trusting relationships with my prospects.”

Sky Blue facilitates the relationship-building process by automatically delivering targeted, personalized messages to prospects over time. The best part about lead nurturing? While the messages appear to be from the assigned sales rep, they are set up behind the scenes by marketing. This leaves you free to focus on sales-ready prospects without neglecting the other leads in your pipeline. Want to learn more about how Sky Blue can solve your pain points?  Visit and start your free trial today!

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