Marketing – Tired of Throwing Content Over the Wall to Sales?  

As a Marketing Manager at a large organization it is challenging to stay one step ahead of your sales team.  Marketing is tasked with building out playbooks and supporting sales and marketing resources for the sales team to engage prospects and existing customers.  Time is spent ensuring messaging is tailored to specific roles and industry specific customer success stories are featured.  Supporting blogs and social media content is developed.  A plan is created to leverage this content and strategically build awareness across multiple social media channels.  The marketing team spends countless hours reviewing and editing each of these deliverables until the decision is made to mark as final and throw over the wall to sales.

The email goes out to the sales team announcing the availability of the new marketing resources on the internal SharePoint site.  A few meetings are setup to walk everybody through the resources and explain how to use them.  You get a few questions afterwards in regards to the location of specific videos and materials.  However, at this point the marketing team typically transitions to the next project and moves on in order to hit the next set of deadlines.  Unfortunately, this is also the exact point in time where you fall one step behind the sales team.  You start feeling the pain when your executive team asks you to provide analytics in regards to usage or you are trying to secure marketing budget for the next big project without any supporting ROI on the last project.  There is a better way! Leveraging Sky Blue, the marketing team (without asking for help from IT) can take the final deliverables and create a library of online experiences for the sales team.  Experiences can include videos, supporting documents, FAQ, surveys, live software and so much more!  Leveraging the cloning feature the marketing team has the ability to create the initial sales experience and then clone to customize content for specific industries or roles.  Experiences are shared with the entire sales team in the click of a button.  The library of experiences automatically shows up in their own Sky Blue account where they can easily share with prospects and existing customers.  When the marketing team has an update to content then they update the master experience and all shared experiences are automatically updated.  No more downloading and searching for videos and documents to send out separately to accounts.  No more wondering what content was for internal purposes only and should not be shared externally.  Everything is already packaged up and ready to go for the sales team (all we are missing is a bow).

Your prospects and existing customers will appreciate knowing everything they need is in one location – a video of your top sales person giving the pitch, supporting marketing documents, customer success stories, etc.  Your accounts also have the ability to initiate next steps right within the experience – “contact us”, “request a demo” or even “buy now”.  Knowing your customers can get the information they need without searching multiple websites and setting up multiple meetings/demos is valuable and helps take the conversation to the next level when you do meet.

The sales team is able to monitor their own accounts in the Sky Blue Dashboard so they know when to follow-up and how based on detailed engagement analytics.  Analytics can be easily exported and shared with their manager at recurring 1:1 meetings.  Since the marketing team is the owner of the experiences they have the ability to look at the all up engagement analytics across the company so they better understand what content is being leveraged and how.  Now, when the executive team asks marketing to provide analytics in regards to usage of marketing materials – the team is prepared and ready to go!  Stop throwing content over the wall to sales.

Visit to sign up for your free 14 day trial today.  Subscriptions start at $249/user/month.  Send an email to [email protected] with questions.

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