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More than Sales Engagement: Sky Blue Packages Education for the Masses

by Bethany Foyt at The Partner Channel

When I learned about Skyblue Technology, I thought of it more as a sales engagement tool and didn’t realize it could be so much more…

After years of holding an in-person event for Microsoft Dynamics Partners, The Partner Channel decided to take a virtual, more hands-on approach to offering an educational program to the Microsoft Dynamics Partner channel. The Genius Series was the result. We host a two-hour session each month online with students so they can grow in their role and benefit from best practices already established in the channel.

Half way through our first year of The Genius Series, we were struggling with how to package the great content that was happening each month for students to reference after the fact as well as for other professionals to leverage if they didn’t have the time to commit to a 2-hour session each month.

We tried to post the recordings on WordPress, but that took up a ton of space, so we ended up linking students out to a OneDrive that wasn’t integrated with any tracking. We needed a cohesive way to package The Genius Series without sending students multiple links and step by step instructions so they could access it.

Then one fine day, I met with the delightful Kari Peterson about them presenting for our program and half way through our discussion, a lightbulb sparked in my head. “Skyblue would be PERFECT to package The Genius Series On-Demand!”

  • It’s a separate site from wordpress, so it’s not taking up our space.
  • I’m able to brand it to my liking.
  • I can upload the 2 hour long videos (and it doesn’t give me guff about the length) AND resource documents or tools that apply to that learning.
  • I can easily break out the environment by sessions so it’s easy for students to decide where to go.
  • I can send a customized and direct email to students which makes it private and secure- only available to our paying students.
  • I can also see exactly how much of the session students have viewed, documents they’ve downloaded, and more. Sooo helpful when checking in on how they’re doing.

I was so excited after our meeting that I went back to work and set up the complete environment in less than three hours. There were guides on the site for how to do things, but I found it to be so intuitive, I just taught myself as I went.

I’m proud to offer The Genius Series through Skyblue Technology and am confident that our students receive the learning in the most streamlined and effective way possible. Melissa Craig of Briware Solutions is one of our on-demand students and is seeing the benefits of having this learning at her fingertips, “The on-demand learning gave me useful ideas on how to implement some strategies that I was playing around with. It also allowed me to approach my boss with the idea that we can shorten our webinars and make them into smaller marketing videos.”

Thank you Skyblue team! The technology is superb and you are all great to work with. Responsive, respectful, and always asking questions. A perfect combination of a true technology partner!





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