Is your content engagement strategy aligned with the way your buyers want to consume content?

The goal of nurturing is to accelerate the path to purchase: to educate, influence and inform so that your buyer is ready to have a more qualified and informed conversation with sales. If your prospects are ready to engage with more content right now and you’re only feeding them single pieces of content in drips, you’re essentially leaving them behind – and these are your next marketing qualified leads! These individuals want to self-educate and self-accelerate through your sales funnel, but your one-speed, scheduled nurturing is holding them back.

The reality is we’ve entered a new era of content engagement in which attention is an increasingly rare commodity. Marketers spend far too much time, effort and money trying to get someone’s attention to let it go to waste.

Prospective buyers today are busier and more impatient that ever. To adapt to changing content consumption behavior and capitalize on the engaged buyer’s desire to binge, marketers must be ready to nurture with the right combination of relevant content whenever and wherever someone clicks.

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